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The cast of the Zone 4 podcast has changed over the years, and even revolves from time to time. We currently have four main co-hosts with several reservists that appear on the show from time to time, one of which is a former full co-host and founder of the show.



Brant W. Fowler, aka Gonzogoose

Brant is one of the co-founders of the show and is the only founder that remains as part of the main cast to date. He had the idea to start a podcast with three of his closest comic friends, and the four created the show you listen to each and every week. Brant is a professional letterer, logo designer, flatter and sometimes writes as well. He is also one of the co-owners of, the fastest growing comic news website on the ‘net. Hire Brant via

“Captain” Ron Fortier

The Captain, as we affectionately refer to him, is the veteran of the group, both figuratively and literaly. He has been writing professionally for many years, having worked on such favorites as Terminator: Burning Earth (with Alex Ross), Popeye, and of course, Green Hornet. He also writes and publishes his own comic, Mr. Jigsaw: Man of a Thousand Parts published through good buddy Rob Davis’ Redbud Studios. And he writes and publishes pulp prose via his own Airship 27 Productions. Learn more at and

“Professor” Gordon Dymowski

The Professor, as Gordon pretends to be, is our resident Doctor Who expert. He is also quite well versed in all things television and film, and he has a little comic knowledge also. Gordon has been blogging for a long time on those various topics, and he writes a monthly column for Comic Related called TV PARTY, in which he gives a thorough endorsement for a particular television show, film or DVD collection each month. Learn more about Gordon at

John Wilson

John is the first non-founder co-host if memory serves. He has remained a part of the show in reserve capacity and always adds a little extra flavor and humor to the show. After serving as a Reservist for a time, John rejoined the ranks as a full co-host. John is lover of monkeys, hence his Zone 4 character you see to the right. He even wrote and illustrated a webcomic entitled Monkeys Make the Worst Friends, the star of which, Cha-Ching, went on to fame in another weekly webcomic, New Comic Day. John is also a co-owner of, Doctor Who fan (evidenced by his Tardis tattoo) and all around good guy.

Cary Kelley

Cary is a co-founder of Zone 4 also, and worked with Brant at various small publishers prior to forming the LCS (secret code name the founders of Zone 4 went by back in the day). Cary is also a veteran, and a successful independent comic creator with his company Red Handed Studios, through which he publishes the acclaimed Dynagirl and its precursor, Fallen Justice, with more titles in the works. Cary is also an avid fan of The Flash. Find more about Dynagirl and Red Handed Studios at and

Bill Gladman

Bill is the example of a fan turned host for Zone 4. He was a listener first, and a friend, and somehow he weasled his way on to more shows than we can remember now. Bill is also the co-host of another podcast, The RaynMan Power Hour, and co-host of an occasional video show, Geek Street. He is one of the founding members of Twilight Star Studios, possessor of giant nipples, and the object of the holiday quickly growing in popularity, Slap a Gladman Day, much to his chagrin. Check out the brand new Twilight Star Studios website at, and Bill’s blog at

Mike Luoma

Mike brings a sense of experience and professionalism to the Zone, which may seem surprising if you’re one who judges on appearance after seeing that picture to the left. But yes, Mike is the one with the radio and podcast experience, and his contributions to the round table conversations are always informative and filled with class. Mike hosts his own podcast, Glow in the Dark Radio, and he publishes his comics and prose through Earthbound Comics and other avenues. Learn more about Mike and his works at

Frank Raynor

Frank is the ever elusive reservist of Zone 4, not having been on as many episodes as the rest. He is also one of the co-founders of Twilight Star Studios, and co-hosts of The RaynMan Power Hour and Geek Street with Bill. He’s also the gentleman who introduced Slap a Gladman Day, which has taken the world by storm! There is some debate that Frank and Gordon are the same person. You be the judge. In the meantime, check out RaynMan at

Decapitated Dan

Decapitated Dan is a loyal Zone 4 Legionairre and fellow member of the Comic Related Podcast Network with his show Dark Discussions. “Discussions” is actually hosted in several places as well. Never one to sit on his laurels, Dan not only hosts his own podcast, but he also runs his own comic convention, Dan Con. Dan is constantly promoting or dabbling in one thing or another. He is a consistent contributor of reviews to Comic Related, and of course he has appeared on Zone 4 several times, most notably our Fringe episode. (He also just happens to be the vile villain of our webcomic!). Learn more about Dan at and about Dan Con at

Rob Davis

Rob is a professional artist in the comic industry and has been for some time. His most notable work has to be his Star Trek run when he worked on the various Star Trek titles for various companies. He has also worked for various companies on titles such as Quantum Leap, Pirates of Dark Water, Doctor Who Magazine, Zombie Bomb!, Daughter of Dracula, Price for the Asking and more. He now publishes Ron’s Mr. Jigsaw title through his imprint, Redbud Studios, and runs Airship 27 Productions with Ron. Rob has appeared on a few episodes of Zone 4 and is always a treat to have. Learn more about Rob at

Chuck “Charles/Charlie” Moore

Chuck, as we know him, is a former co-host of the show that he helped us launch by giving us a platform at Now he is more of a fill-in guest when he is available, which, with his very busy life, isn’t too often. Chuck is the founder of, which he now co-owns with Brant Fowler and John Wilson. He is also the founder of The Related Recap, the official podcast of CR, which John and Brant now co-host monthly. Chuck has moved on to a new podcast whose popularity has quickly risen, the Charlie Tonic Hour, which he co-hosts with Ginny Tonic. You can learn more about it at

Eric Ratcliffe

Eric is a fellow podcaster and host of one of the first podcasts in the Comic Related network with Why I Love Comics. While that show has found a new home at, Eric still hangs around, and from time to time, appears in the Zone. When Eric isn’t busy podcasting you can find him on XBox Live, or you can enjoy his weekly webcomic, New Comic Day, which updates every Wednesday on Comic Related and
Here is a list of some of the various guests we’ve had on the show through the years. The list continues to grow!
Mike Baron
Dirk Manning
Dan Sehn
Kenn Minter
Tim Simmons
Glenn Arseneau
Scott D.M. Simmons
Tyler James
Eric Adams
Darren Mueller
BJay Johnson
Victor Dandridge
Phillip Salomon
Mike Watson
Dustin Carson
Mark LeMieux
Andrew Dowdell
C. Eric Banister
Brandon Barrows
Don “The Mayor” Johnston
Chris Roberson
Tommy Hancock
Chris Metzger
Mason Easley
Though he’s no longer a part of the show, the show wouldn’t exist had it not been for all the founders, including Jason Berek-Lewis. It was on his forums that the LCS, aka the founders of Zone 4 really got to know one another and became the good friends they did. Had that not happened, the idea for this show would have never been born. So thank you, Jason. Though your time on the show was short, we are grateful for your contributions and we all wish you well in your current adventures.

Chuck Kennedy

Chuck is one of the co-founders of Zone 4, and served as a Reservist for a while. Now he can be found battling triplets, neighbors’ dogs and the random “unique” comic fan that wonders in the shop he sometimes works at. He is the self-proclaimed curmudgeon of Zone 4, and the comics world in general. Oh, and he LOVES bacon!

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