Feb 12 2016

Airship 27 Podcast #12: Our New Commercial!

This time in the hanger of the Airship 27, Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis discuss The Bagman, All American Sports Stories, Sinbad, Harry Houdini, and Rutherford Jones.

Plus, they unveil their brand new radio commercial!

Then, it’s on to listener questions.

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  1. Kevin Findley

    Maze Agency AND Scimidar?! There goes my next royalty check.

    Thanks for the heads guys!

  2. Ron Fortier

    Thanks Kevin for your question, which is of course what spurred us to mention those two upcoming titles.

  3. Johnnie Reveal

    Airships had a usefulness when employed correctly, says Underwood, who notes that although the technology has advanced, what we re doing today is not a whole lot different from what they were doing back then. Minus the scaring the bejesus out of people part.

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