Anime Weekly: Episode 1 “The Show Has Landed”

Anime weekly is finally here! In this first episode we discuss 8 shows 4 we talk about up to date episodes and the other 4 we talk about the first episodes in the newer seasons. After we explain what will be going on in this show we get into the Anime. We also have a really fun discussion about pokemon

The anime’s we talk about in this episode are:
Dragon Ball Super 27 (15:10)
One Piece 726 (23:46)
Fairy Tail 92 (31:01)
Naruto Shippuden 444 (33:45)
Boruto: Naruto The Movie (37:40)
Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans 01-05 (45:20)
Garo S2 01 (53:00)
Pokemon XYZ 01 (56:27)
Assassination Classroom S2 01 (1:11:26)

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