Anime Weekly: Episode 8 “High Heel PTSD”

In this episode Pokemon returns as Garo goes on a week break. This week was a really good week for all the shows, something actually happen that we predicted may happen back some shows first episodes. Also Jeremy has a shoe PTSD moment, and things get VERY random towards the end of the show due to lack of sleep.

The anime’s we talk about in this episode are:
Pokemon XY&Z #13 (9:48)
One Piece #732 (14:00)
Naruto Shippuuden #451 (16:20)
Dragon Ball Super #34 (25:00)
Fairy Tail #99 (29:35)
Divine Gate #09 (39:39)
Dimension W #09 (42:24)
Assassination Classroom S2 #09 (47:53)
Luck and Logic #09 (53:50)

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