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The official blog of the Zone 4 podcast.

Zone 4 #150 Trailer

This week’s trailer is a deviation from the typical trailers I do for the episode. I wanted to do something special for this one, so it’s basically a look back over the years at many of the people that have been on the show (I’m sure I forgot some) and all the accomplishments we’ve made, …

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Zone 4 #150th Celebration!

This coming Friday, January 27th we will be celebrating our 150th episode of Zone 4 LIVE! And we’d like for you to join us in the celebration! For 149 weeks straight, Zone 4 has brought you stimulating (or at least entertaining) conversation from the world of comics, television, film and pop culture. We’ve had discussions …

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Episode #149 Trailer & clip

Hey folks, This week’s trailer is now live! I tried to get it out before today, but to no avail. Regardless, I hope you guys enjoy these trailers. On this week’s episode, we talk about the current trend of bringing back older properties, like Defenders, Challengers of the Unknown and so forth. Plus we talk …

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Transmissions #7

Tonight, our 7th episode of Transmissions from Zone 4 airs on We THINK it’s still at 8pm Est, so tune in then and see if we’re on! This week is another group session as we are all three present for the entire episode. We chat about our week, Ron gives his thoughts on the …

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