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Zone 4 #22: Digital Comics

It’s double the Chuck as Chuck Moore drops in to talk with Brant, Jason and Chuck K. about digital comics, Billy Mayes, and Sparkles… (Original Numbering: Episode 21)  

Zone 4 #21: Eisner Awards

Chuck Kennedy and Brant Fowler talk about the importance of the Eisner Awards, some of the winners, and we also discuss graphic novels and trades in libraries. (Original Numbering: Episode 20)  

Zone 4 #20: Michael Jackson?

Chuck Kennedy and I talk about some stories that caught our attention, why our comrades aren’t with us this week, and Michael Jackson… (Original Numbering: Episode 19)  

Zone 4 #19: Interview with Ray Dillon & Renae De Liz!

Chuck Moore drops in from San Diego with an update, and an interview from HereosCon with Ray Dillon and Renae De Liz, who will be married at San Diego Comic-Con Sunday! (Original Numbering: Episode 18)