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Zone 4 main Podcast episodes.

Zone 4 #18: A Zone of One

It’s just Zone 1 this week, but it’s the best of the bunch! Just kidding… maybe… 😀 (Original Numbering: Episode 17)

Zone 4 #17: Chuck Moore in the Zone!

Chuck Moore drops in to fill the absence of a regular show this week. Many topics are discussed. (Original Numbering: Episode 16)

Zone 4 #16: Licensed Properties

The crew talks about the Archaia/Henson deal, the Boom/Disney deal, and licensed properties in whole. There’s also a discussion on the merits of Star Wars that is very entertaining. (Original Numbering: Episode 15)

Zone 4 #15: Not About Comic Magazines

The main topic was supposed to be comic magazines. I’m honestly not sure if we actually covered that or not, but if we did it was very, very briefly. But we talked about plenty of other stuff, so enjoy it for what it is. We may be changing things up real soon. (Original Numbering: Episode …

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