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Wrestling podcast covering WWE and more!

1-2-3 Podcast #18a: The RUMBLE LIVE!

Our live viewing of the Rumble on WWE Royal Rumble match LIVE. Feel free to share thoughts in the comments as well! Tune into part B later today for our complete thoughts on the PPV.

1-2-3 Podcast #16: Anyone But You, Roman!

This episode, we talk about the January 18th edition of RAW, the possibility of AJ Styles coming to WWE, Kurt Angle’s future, Tyler Breeze’s heat, Nikki Bella’s injury, and give our predictions for this Sunday’s Royal Rumble!

1-2-3 Podcast #17: Surefire Winners

This episode, we cover the January 20th episode of NXT, talk about the possibilities of NXT wrestlers in the Royal Rumble, the coming of Austin Aries, and more!

1-2-3 Podcast #15: NXT Women Battle!

Here’s another episode of 1-2-3 as we discuss the January 13th episode of NXT!