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Wrestling podcast covering WWE and more!

1-2-3 Podcast #6: The Demon Inside

Back with an explanation of our new schedule and format going forward. This episode we cover: Raw – 9/28/15 Smackdown 10/1/15 MSG Live Event Raw 10/5/15

1-2-3 Podcast #5: We’ve Seen That Before!

We cover Raw (9/21) and Smackdown (9/24) on this episode of the show!

1-2-3 Podcast #4: YOU STILL GOT IT!

We’re finally back with this week’s episode, which was recorded earlier in the week. And this time we’re in VIDEO format! We talk the Raw and Smackdown leading up to Night of Champions, the Night of Champions event, Sting’s injury, and more! Look for another episode of 1-2-3 Podcast coming your way very soon!

1-2-3 Podcast #3.5: Night of Champions Predictions

We’re back with a special extra episode as we share our predictions for Night of Champions 2015!…