Zone 4 #39: Topics Straight from This Week’s Headlines

Brant, John and Chuck K. come together to discuss several news items of the week and just shoot the breeze. Some of the topics discussed include Blackest Night #5, the Dynamite/Dabel acqusition, Marvel’s Siege event, Chicago Comic-Con moviing its date, Wizard cons in general, and Diamond shipping delays.

(Original Number: Episode 37)


Zone 4 #38: State of the Industry & Thankfulness

Cary, Brant, John, and special guest, original Zone 4 member Chuck Kennedy return for a broad discussion on the state of the comics industry, including up and comers, where the industry is headed, and much more. Plus, each of our top five comic related things we are thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving Day!

(Original Number: Episode 36)


Zone 4 #37: From Disassembled to Siege

We attempt to go into depth about Marvel events from Disassembled through the upcoming Siege to spell out how they’ve affected the Marvel Universe, but we get a bit derailed and talk about Marvel events in general, whether they’re a good or bad thing, a new way of looking at event comics, and much more

(Original Number: Episode 35)


Zone 4 #36: Failings of the Nielsen Rating System

Following last week’s talk about all things cosmic in mainstream comics, this week we go into the other side of things with magic! But before we get to that we talk about a few headlines, which turns into a rant on TV and the failed Nielsen Rating System!

(Original Number: Episode 34)