Zone 4 #31: Webcomics & More

John Wilson, Chuck Moore and Brant Fowler take a look at some books from the week, then talk about webcomics for a while, and transition into some plugs of various things.

(Original Number: Episode 29)


Zone 4 #30: 5th Anniversary of Comic Related

John Wilson, Chuck Moore and Brant Fowler celebrate the 5th anniversary of Comic Related with a look back through history, and then they chat about superheroes that quit and came back.

(Original Number: Episode 28)


Zone 4 #29: What Should Be Rebooted?

John Wilson joins us to discuss the our favorite and most hated reboots, and what characters or books we’d love to see rebooted. Oh yeah, and some other stuff…

(Original Number: Episode 27)

Zone 4 #28: DC Entertainment

The crew returns joined by John Wilson to talk DC Entertainment… and it’s our half-year anniversary!

(Original Number: Episode 26)