Zone 4 #25: Disney Buys Marvel!

Cary, myself and the two Chucks talk about the biggest story of the week, Disney buying Marvel!

(Original Numbering: Episode 24)


Zone 4 #24: The Superman Dilemma

In the third attempt at the show, Brant and Chuck talk about the Superman/Siegels/DC issue and Creator Rights in general.

(Original Numbering: Episode 23)


Zone 4 #23: Chicago Comic-Con

Brant and Jason listen in while Chuck gives us the report on his experience from this year’s Chicago Comic-Con.

(Original Numbering: Episode 22)


Zone 4 #22: Digital Comics

It’s double the Chuck as Chuck Moore drops in to talk with Brant, Jason and Chuck K. about digital comics, Billy Mayes, and Sparkles…

(Original Numbering: Episode 21)