Zone 4 #14: Live from HeroesCon!

Zone 4 is infiltrated by two robots and a monkey (Chuck Moore, Darren Mueller and John Wilson) as we relish in the aftermath of HeroesCon Day 1. Hilarity ensues as we discuss the con, a whole bunch of ranting on the Marvel Universe, and Aunt May like you’ve never seen her!

(Original Numbering: Episode 13)

Zone 4 #13: DC & Marvel

A little discussion about DC and Marvel in general ensues as the Zone 4 members give their thoughts on the current landscape of the universes. But first, we talk about a lot of stuff from movies to weddings, and go completely off book as usual.

(Original Numbering: Episode 12

Zone 4 #12: Comic Shop Talk with Chuck Moore!

Zone 4 brings in its first official guest with Comic Related’s own Chuck Moore as we discuss what makes a good or bad comic book store in this 11th episode of the

(Original Numbering: Episode 11)


Zone 4 #11: The Long One

It’s just Cary and Brant talking about everything from movies, to stores, to conventions, to our main topic, straight to trade, and a whole BUNCH of stuff in between for a LONG time!

(Original Numbering: Episode 10)