Zone 4 #12: Comic Shop Talk with Chuck Moore!

Zone 4 brings in its first official guest with Comic Related’s own Chuck Moore as we discuss what makes a good or bad comic book store in this 11th episode of the

(Original Numbering: Episode 11)


Zone 4 #11: The Long One

It’s just Cary and Brant talking about everything from movies, to stores, to conventions, to our main topic, straight to trade, and a whole BUNCH of stuff in between for a LONG time!

(Original Numbering: Episode 10)

Zone 4 #10: Dark Reign & Blackest Night

The crew continues their discussion on Free Comic Book Day delving into what they think was done right and what could be done better. The discussion then leads into big events at the Big Two including Dark Reign and Blackest Night, and what the crew thinks should be done with those big universes.

(Original Numbering: Episode 9)


Zone 4 #9: Free Comic Book Day!

The crew talks about a lot of various topics, but the main topic is Free Comic Book Day!

(Original Numbering: Episode 8)