Zone 4 #8: Zone 4 Reviews #0

Legacy Numbering Begins

Zone 4 debuts a teaser of their upcoming review show where Chuck Kennedy and Brant Fowler give in depth reviews of books they pick up each week. Occasionally other Zone members as well as other special guests will drop in to offer their thoughts on what they picked up too!

(Legacy Numbering Begins as this becomes Zone 4 episode 8)

Zone 4 #7: Opportunities for Indie Creators

The crew talks some reviews and other random discussion to open the show before diving into some headlines. Then it’s all about the opportunities available to indy creators in today’s market.


Zone 4 #6: Movie Talk

It’s all about the movies. Brant, Chuck and Jason talk a few headlines, then Chuck and Brant engage in a long conversation about Comic Related and pop culture movies coming out in ’09. Then Cary comes in with his own segment talking reviews, catalogs, movies and more!


Zone 4 #5: Interesting & Entertaining

Technical problems persist yet again, but the Zone 4 crew manages to make it through another… interesting episode that we hope will at the very least entertain you.