Zone 4 #450: The Final Episode!

The crew of Zone 4 converge for one final time here LIVE on Comic Frontline, welcoming back Gordon to the fray for the FINAL EPISODE of Zone 4!

Zone 4 celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary (officially April 3rd) with this special farewell episode of the podcast as it comes to a close.

We’ll be discussing Heroes in Crisis, Wrestlemania, War of Realms, sharing memories of the show and more!

Gordon’s Plugs:

Marty Quade (Airship 27) –

1950’s Western Roundup (Short story up for Pulp Factory Award/Pro Se Productions) –

Always Punch Nazis (Pilot Studios) –…

Patreon –

C2E2 Panel (Via YouTube) –

Video Version:

Zone 4 #449: It’s Not a Dream if It’s Real

The crew of Zone 4 return to discuss Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X teaser, which X-Men we want to see get the spotlight, speculate and more.

Plus, IDW’s 20th Anniversary, what were the hits and misses of the publisher?

Video Version:

Zone 4 #448: Hickman’s Next Marvel Project

The crew of Zone 4 return as Zone 4: The Final Four continues!

We discuss the teasers Marvel has been releasing and speculate what the announcement tomorrow at C2E2 will bring us concerning Jonathan Hickman’s new Marvel project!

Plus: Disney now officially owns Fox, what now?

And, Oreos!

Video Version:

Airship 27 Podcast #49: On Poisoned Ground

Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis step aboard the Airship 27 for a new voyage!

They discuss Radio Archives, the Pulp Factory Awards, Bulldog Drummon, Fred Adams Jr., share some bad jokes and more!

Check out the video version on!