Zone 4 #447: The Final Four Begins

The crew comes together as the show starts to wind down. We catch up, talk with the viewers, discuss DC June solicits and more!

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Airship 27 Podcast #48: Marty Quade, Private Eye

Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis step aboard the Airship 27 for another fun-filled episode of New Pulp goodness!

In this episode, they talk Marty Quade, Private Eye, Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, Domino Lady, the Pulp Factory Awards and more!

Schedule Update for Zone 4 – 2019

This year has been off to a bit of a rocky start causing us to miss a few episodes. Namely me being sick with the flu and throwing my back out!

Thankfully, I’m now on the mend, so here’s an update on the schedule for Zone 4 in the near future.

We are taking the entire month of February off in order to focus on celebrating Comic Frontline’s 5-Year Anniversary on YouTube.

Zone 4 will then return LIVE on March 1st on Comic Frontline, and will be bi-weekly for the month of March.

And finally, you can join us LIVE on April 5th as we celebrate the 10-Year Anniversary of Zone 4 with episode 450!

Thank you for all your support and understanding, and I can’t wait to talk with you again soon!


Zone 4 #446: Age of X-Man and Beyond

The crew of Zone 4 returns with a brand new episode of Zone 4 talking X-Men Disassembled, Age of X-Man and beyond.

Plus thoughts on the Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer!

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