Goodbye, Comic Related…

GoodbyeIt is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to, a website I have been affiliated with for the better part of a decade. It was my online home; an extension of myself, and a place for me to share my love for comics even before this podcast existed. In fact, it is only because of CR that Zone 4 does exist.

The inspiration to do a podcast was from us seeing Chuck Moore do the Related Recap on CR, and Zone 4’s first 3 episodes were inside the Recap itself. So simply put, CR is where Zone 4 was born, and so in a way, we are losing a parent today.

Zone 4, and its family of podcasts, will continue on without CR, and will still be available on the various platforms it is now aside from CR. But as one of the original podcasts on CR, and the de facto standard bearer after the Recap ended, we are all very sad to see the booming site say its farewell.

Zone 4 will always be a part of CR, and CR a part of Zone 4. In that way, CR will live on through Zone 4. Our current cast came together solely because of CR. We hope to do CR proud going forward.

Everyone involved with the Zone 4 podcast, past and present, wishes the very best for the owners and contributors of Comic Related.

Thank you, CR, for all the memories, and for our humble beginnings. It was because of you we have the fanbase we do now, and we will never forget you for it. You will be missed.

If you missed the announcement on CR, you can read it here:


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