Hall of Toys #14: New Year’s Eve Edition!

Welcome back to the Hall of Toys!

Brant and Chris are back with tons of discussion on toys, video games, card games and board games. But this time they have a special guest, as Lisa Moore joins them for the whole show!

First up, it’s Toy Talk, with possibly our longest list of toys yet! From Power Rangers, to Power Batteries, from Tribbles to Transformers, we cover it all!

Then it’s Game Gab, as Lisa kicks things off with a discussion of Hearthstone. From there, it’s Nintendo’s Network being down, Kickstarter games, Game of the Year and more!

After that, it’s Table Top Talk, as we learn a certain video game and comic franchise has a game on Kickstarter, plus the Woodbury Expansion for The Walking Dead and more!

And finally, it’s And… Action Figure! All three give a pick, plus an honorable mention

Kick off your New Year with HALL OF TOYS! And listen to Zone 4 #250 this Friday for a special announcement about the show!

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Links to Some of the Stuff Discussed on the Show


Captain America: Winter Soldier

Batman Armory

White Lantern Power Battery

Stargirl Lead Figure

Blue Power Ranger

Star Trek Mama Tribble Plush

Super Alloy Justice League Superman

Superman Ed McGuinness Statue

Flash/Gorilla Grodd Statue

Kick-Ass 2 KA & Hit-Girl

Marvel Legends Series 2 Revision

Iron Man 3 Nendoroid Hall of Armor Set

Minecraft Core Steve

Mario Figures

Samus Aran Figma Figure

Samus Aran Zero Suit PVC Figure

Robocop Black Version

Cover Girls: Poison Ivy Statue

Amy Pond Figure

Dalek Army Builder Pack

10th Doctor with Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who Caliburn House Playset

Teen Titans: Robin & Cyborg

Optimus Prime


Soundwave MP3 Player

Kickstarter – Rivals – Steampunk Designer Toys – Set II

Game Gab

Lisa – Hearthstone

Nintendo Network Down on Christmas

Game of the Year 2013

Kickstarter – Novus AEterno

Kickstarter – War of Omens

Games Coming in 2014

Table Top Talk

The Walking Dead Board Game – Woodbury Expansion

More About The Walking Dead Board Game

Marvel NOW Trading Cards

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Board Game

Kickstarter – Bigfootses: The Card Game

Kickstarter – Mega Man The Board Game

And… Action Figure:

Lisa’s Pick

Adventure Time 10″ Super Posable Finn with Changing Faces

Chris’s Pick

Marvel Legends Marvel’s Hawkeye

Brant’s Pick


Honorable Mention

Real Action Heroes Link

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