Hall of Toys #4: HeroClix

Welcome back to the Hall of Toys!

Hosts Brant and Chris talk about the latest and upcoming toys, video games, table top games and collectibles. They also pick a main topic to discuss each time, and will sometimes be joined by guests.

Here’s the format for this episode:

INTRO: The guys catch up and joke around before diving into a packed episode.

TOY TALK: It’s more talk of recently released and upcoming action figures, statues, and other collectible items.

MAIN TOPIC: This week the topic is on HeroClix, that continually growing dial combat system game with so many versions to enjoy. Including the upcoming Bioshock Infinite pack.

GAMING GAB: The guys talk Xbox One, tease a bit about E3 plans for H.O.T. and more.

TABLE TOP TALK: It’s more board games and card games as we point you to a ridiculous Kickstarter, plug some mentions from another show, and more.

AND… ACTION FIGURE!: Each episode they will each select a figure or set to highlight. This week it’s the TMNT Retros from Chris and Kazuya Mishima from Tekken for Brant

CLOSING UP SHOP: The usual mentions and reminders as we exit the Hall of Toys.


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Hot Wheels Elite Cult Classics Ecto-1A

G.I. Joe Basic Series

Arkham Figures

BBTS Exclusive: The Shadow

New 52: Green Lantern Simon Baz

Assassin’s Creed Figure Line

Bloody B&W Michonne & Pet Zombies

The Walking Dead Series Four AMC Figures

New HALO 4 Deluxe Figure

Triforce Replicas

Star Trek: Into Darkness Ring


Bioshock Infinite HeroClix

Wolverine & the X-Men ClixBrick

Xbox One

Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Upcoming Game Releases


The Charlie Tonic Hour #73

Miniature Wargaming – Flying Assault Butts

Atomic Robo RPG Info

Atomic Robo RPG Twitch TV Cast

Pack of Heroes

Chris’ And… Action Figure! Pick:

TMNT 6″ Retro Collector’s Series 1 – Set of 4

Brant’s And… Action Figure! Pick:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Play Arts Kai – Kazuya Mishima

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