Hall of Toys #5: Metro: Last Light

Welcome back to the Hall of Toys!

Hosts Brant and Chris talk about the latest and upcoming toys, video games, table top games and collectibles. They also pick a main topic to discuss each time, and will sometimes be joined by guests.

Here’s the format for this episode:

INTRO: The guys catch up and joke around before diving into a packed episode.

TOY TALK: It’s more talk of recently released and upcoming action figures, statues, and other collectible items. And Chuck Moore swings by to talk Wonderfest 2013, and Derby City Comic Con 2013!

MAIN TOPIC: This week the topic is all about the video game Metro: Last Light as the guys talk in detail about the beautiful game.

GAMING GAB: The guys talk Marvel Heroes, Last of Us, DCU coming to console and E3, then Chuck pops in for an impromptu chat fest on gaming in general.

TABLE TOP TALK: It’s a shorter discussion this week, but still some interesting games, including the Hobbit game from Cryptozoic and a bunch of Cthulu. Then Chuck pops in again!

AND… ACTION FIGURE!: Each episode they will each select a figure or set to highlight. This week it’s Portal for Chris, and more G.I. Joe for Brant.

CLOSING UP SHOP: The usual mentions and reminders as we exit the Hall of Toys.


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Mezco Exclusives

Tomb Raider

Metal Gear Solid

Final Fantasy VII

Doctor Who: Doctor & Dalek 1

Doctor Who: Doctor & Dalek 2

Doctor Who: Doctor & Dalek 3

G.I. Joe Retaliation 3.75

Energy Cubes

Pop MOTU Skeletor

Monsters University

Iron Man Bearbrick

Pink Power Ranger


Derby City Comic Con


Metro: Last Light

Marvel Heroes

The Last of Us

DCUO Comes to PS4

Hobbit Game


Cthulhu Wars

Smash Up

Space Cadets Dice Duel

Alien Frontiers


Chris’ And… Action Figure! Pick:

Portal 2 Figures

Brant’s And… Action Figure! Pick:

GI Joe Retaliation 3.75″ Figures Series 03.5 – Ultimate Snake Eyes

GI Joe Retaliation 3.75″ Figures Series 03.5 – Ultimate Cobra Commander

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