Hall of Toys #7: Open World vs. Finite World

Welcome back to the Hall of Toys!

Brant is back from the Fortress of Solitude! So he and Chris get to dive into another slew of toys, video games and board games to discuss this time in the Hall!

After getting reacquainted with each other and the audience, the guys jump right into Toy Talk. Not a large selection this time, but still some cool offerings to discuss. And before closing out, they tease what’s to come on the next episode, which should prove to be toy heavy.

Then it’s time for the Topic of the episode: Open World vs. Finite World in video gaming.

The topic leads right into Game Gab, as they guys spend some time talking State of Decay, the new open world zombie survival game from Undead Labs. They also talk about the Mario Kart tournament Brooklyn Boyz is putting on, PS4 launch titles, and new releases upcoming for July. And to close out the segment, its another tease, this time for the episode after next.

Next up is TableTop Talk as they shine the light on several board and card games from Kickstarter, Cryptozoic and other places as well. Favorite game for the guys out of this grouping? Probably The Big Fix, a noir card game, which sounds really cool!

And… Action Figure! is what’s left as they each pick a figure or grouping of figures to discuss.

They then bring the show to a close as it’s one more episode on the shelf in the Hall of Toys!


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Links to Some of the Stuff Discussed on the Show

The Walking Dead Comic Series 2 Figures

Assassin’s Creed IV Hidden Blade & Gauntlet

D-Arts Black Zero (Mega Man)

S.H. Figuarts – Mighty Morphin Armored Red Ranger

Medicom Mario Figures:

Super Mario 3 UDF Tanooki Mario

Super Mario Brothers UDF Mario

New Super Mario Brothers Wii UDF Mario

State of Decay

PS4 Launch Titles

Princes of the Dragon Throne

Dark Darker Darkest

Ancient Terrible Things

Battle Merchants

The Big Fix

Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension




Smash-Up on TableTop

And… Action Figure:

Brant’s Pick

Injustice: The Flash & Raven Action Figure 3.75″ Two-Pack

Chris’ Pick

Old Man Logan with Hulk Baby

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