Happy Birthday, Comic Related!

Four and a half years ago or so, in April of 2009, the Zone 4 podcast was born. But it didn’t begin in its own feed, it launched as part of Comic Related’s Related Recap for the first three episodes, I believe. After that, it was clear we had something special on our hands, so we broke out on our own, but still very much nestled within the Comic Related family.

Check out an article about the celebration on Comic Related:


I bring that all up because today is Comic Related’s birthday! Nine years ago today, on October 1st, 2004, Chuck Moore created a fledgling comic news site that would grow into the community and family it has become today. Without Comic Related, there would be no Zone 4.

I had no idea how to do a podcast. I went to Chuck and pitched him the idea. He helped me fine-tune the show, and gave us a platform to launch it. Even when we broke free of the Recap, he and Comic Related were there every step of the way until I learned how to do things myself. I’m proud to say that Zone 4 is CR’s second longest running podcast, and one of the still present mainstays of the site. Despite all the changes we’ve been through, our home has ALWAYS been Comic Related.

I started working with Chuck on Comic Related probably in early 2008 if memory serves. I simply wrote reviews and articles for a time, before taking a more active role in the site. That fall, November of 2008 I think, we debuted the new design you’ve all come to know and love for the past nearly five years. From that point on, CR skyrocketed. It’s had its ups and downs, and we’ve gone through many adjustments through the years. But still, without CR, Zone 4 would not be here today.

So, on this, the 9th birthday of the site where “If it’s comic related, you’ll find it here…,” I wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Chuck, you created a website, and with help, built a community and family. Hat’s off to you and John Wilson, my other co-owner of the site, and all the people who have helped build the site to what it is today. We couldn’t have gotten here without a single one of you, and I mean that sincerely.

And as we approach Zone 4’s 5th birthday in just a few short months, I want to thank everyone who has supported both Zone 4 and Comic Related through the years.


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