New Zone 4 Posting Schedule!


With the new year comes a new regular posting schedule for Zone 4, the main podcast of the Zone 4 family of podcasts!

Starting this month, new episodes of Zone 4 will air on the last Friday of the month. These will post here as well as all the sites in the graphic above and on a number of podcast apps and services too lengthy to name.

Unedited raw versions of each episode will go up on Patreon for Patrons only on the Monday before the edited versions air.

So for this month, for example, the unedited version will air for Patrons on Patreon on Monday January 22nd. The edited version will be available to all for FREE on Friday January 26th.

We are also making some minor changes to the format for the show, focusing less on news topics and more on a central topic. While we will still be covering some news, it will be less than it has been so we have more time to focus on the subject of each episode.

Stay tuned for updates coming to Patreon (a restructuring of sorts) and on our other podcasts soon!

Thanks and Happy New Year!


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