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Zone 4 isn’t the only show produced by Gonzogoose Productions, it’s just the main show of the family.

Another popular show that Zone 4 host Brant Fowler is involved with and produces is The RaynMan Power Hour. It’s a zany show with various segments including Mail Time, Comic Celebrity Death Match, What We’re Reading Now, The Octagon, Comics That Don’t Suck and more in any given episode. The show is bi-weekly, and is hosted by Frank Raynor and Bill Gladman, with Brant Fowler.

There’s also the now defunct Transmissions from Zone 4, a spinoff show where Brant, Ron and Gordon each took a segment talking about comics, books, and TV/Film respectively. The show only lasted 8 episodes and may eventually be offered as subscription content.


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Transmissions from Zone 4 was our second weekly show, that aired on Tuesday nights at 8 or 9pm EST on the online radio station The show debuted on December 6, 2011, and featured myself (Brant), Captain Ron and Gordon each taking center stage on segments covering specific topics. The show opened with the three …

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