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Transmissions from Zone 4 was our second weekly show, that aired on Tuesday nights at 8 or 9pm EST on the online radio station www.TMVCafe.com.

The show debuted on December 6, 2011, and featured myself (Brant), Captain Ron and Gordon each taking center stage on segments covering specific topics.

The show opened with the three of us chatting for a few minutes, then breaks up into the segments:

The Library with Captain Ron Fortier – Ron reviewed novels he’s read, gives famous quotes, and ends with a joke.

Tales from the Panels with Brant W. Fowler – Brant presented a comic news story, talks about some comics he’s reading, and ends with a comic pro’s Twitter post.

Screen Invasion with Professor Gordon Dymowski – Gordon talked about a film or television series he was impressed by or is looking forward to.

We then all three came back together to wrap things up.

As of January 24, 2012 we have parted ways with TMV Cafe and have shelved the show for now. You can read full details here: