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Nov 17 2015

Zone 4 #385: Doctor Who, Doctor Strange and a Gorilla Walk Into a Podcast…

The crew is back with a brand new episode of the long-running podcast, now in video format! There are some audio syncing issues, my apologies. We’re working on it. This time, we discuss Agents of SHIELD, Flash, Gotham, Supergirl, Arrow, Jessica Jones, Doctor Who, Doctor Strange, Star Wars, and more. Plus, we each discuss a …

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Dec 12 2014

Zone 4 #347: Savage Beasts Make the Best Pets

This week, the cast is light again due to some illness, but Brant, Ron and Gordon are in the house to talk some comics and TV. First up, they discuss the mid-season finales of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrow, Flash and Gotham (spoilers, folks). Next, it’s Topic Time as they discuss the second issues of John …

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Aug 22 2014

Zone 4 #330: Movies Based on Comics

The crew returns to discuss 20 movies that you might not know were based on comics. This week, it’s Brant, John, Gordon, Ron. To kick things off, Gordon and Ron share their thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy. Then, we discuss Don Pardo and various headlines ranging from film, to TV, to comics. For Topic …

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Mar 21 2014

Zone 4 #308: Original Sin

The crew returns with another episode of your favorite Friday Night Delight! This week, it’s Brant, John, Gordon and Chris. First up, the guys discuss some headlines, including the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer, DC buying Dynamite?, The Walking Dead, Incredibles, Powers, and more. Then, for Topic Time, it’s all about Marvel’s Original Sin event this …

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