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Anime Weekly: Episode 4 “The Feels”

A new show enters the fold this week while we unfortunately drop another. Sadly no One Piece this week due to the anime broadcast being interrupted, hopefully we will be able to cover both this and next weeks episode next week. Still lots of feels this week in a lot of the shows! The anime’s …

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Anime Weekly: Episode 2 “A Show to Kill For”

This week a NEW show is added to the line up and we catch up on a few shows. This was a fun show that had some tech issue but we pulled it together in the end. The anime’s we talk about in this episode are: Dragon Ball Super 28 (7:45) One Piece 727 (19:19) …

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Anime Weekly: Episode 1 “The Show Has Landed”

Anime weekly is finally here! In this first episode we discuss 8 shows 4 we talk about up to date episodes and the other 4 we talk about the first episodes in the newer seasons. After we explain what will be going on in this show we get into the Anime. We also have a …

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