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May 05 2017

Zone 4 #331: Secret Empire (8-Year Anniversary!)

The Zone 4 crew returns for a special 8-Year Anniversary episode!

First, the guys shoot the breeze about Star Wars Day, Free Comic Book Day, their 8-Year Anniversary and more.

Then Brant, Gordon and Ron discuss some media news and spotlight some comics they are reading.

For Topic Time, Brant, Gordon and Chris talk about Secret Empire #0-1 and mainstream comics in general a little bit.

Plus Facebook shout-outs, plugs and more!

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Video version (with actual video of Brant while the rest are audio):


Celestial Falcon #1 Pre-Order:


DarkAvenger C86 YouTube Channel:


Brother Bones FREE 8-Page Digital Comic Available May 6th!

Go to www.luckycomics.com and download your copy!

Written by Ron Fortier, illustrated by Flavio Silva.


Nov 15 2013

Zone 4 – Episode #243: Flying Men

The crew returns with a bunch of movie and TV related news. From the Man of Steel Blu-Ray release, to the Marvel/Netflix deal and movie plans for both companies, to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and much more.

We have some shout-outs, but not from Facebook, Google+ or Twitter…

And finally, for Topic Time we take a look at The Rocketeer/The Spirit: Pulp Friction #3 of 4.

Not to mention plugs and outtakes!

So jump right in, it’s time to enter the Zone!

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This Week’s Links and Topics

Man of Steel Blu-Ray Hits Stores

Brant’s review of Man of Steel

DC All Access – Zack Snyder & Kevin Smith

Batman vs Superman: Injustice Music Video

BlueWater doing Superman Tribute Comics

Guillermo del Toro Says WB is Planning Entire DC Film Universe

Marvel has Movies Planned Through 2021

New Marvel FLIP Animation for Film

Marvel Teams with Netflix for Original Programming

Netflix: Daredevil Writer

Netflix: Jessica Jones Writer

Steranko at it Again

Valiant Brings Back Rai in 2014

Terminator: Burning Earth TPB by Ron Fortier & Alex Ross

The Spider/Domino Lady

Brother Bones: Six Days of the Dragon

Moonstone Books

Ron’s No Money Non-Kickstarter to Write Green Hornet Again

Chicago Tardis Charity Auction

Assailant Comics

New Comic Day

The Night of the Doctor

Cursed: The Real Fate of Atlantis

Dark Avenger INC

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