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1-2-3 Podcast #9: Hell in a Cell!

On this episode, we cover two weeks worth of wrestling! We cover: Hell in a Cell Raw 10/26/15 NXT 10/28/15 Smackdown 10/29/15 Raw 11/2/15 We talked about Seth Rollin’s injury as it had just been reported when we recorded. Turns out, as you all know, he tore his ACL, MCL and Medial Meniscus and will …

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1-2-3 Podcast #8: Sorry About Your Damn Luck!

It’s time for another dose of your new favorite weekly wrestling show! This episode we talk about two episodes of NXT, plus Smackdown, Raw, Hell in a Cell predictions, and more!

1-2-3 Podcast #7: NXT Has Our Respect!

We’re back to talk NXT Takeover: Respect, Smackdown (10/8) and Raw (10/12)! Sorry for no intro/outro, the editing program really degraded the quality when adding them in. We’ll figure that out eventually! www.zone4podcast.com www.lastemberpress.com www.comicfrontline.com

1-2-3 Podcast #6: The Demon Inside

Back with an explanation of our new schedule and format going forward. This episode we cover: Raw – 9/28/15 Smackdown 10/1/15 MSG Live Event Raw 10/5/15