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Jan 26 2018

Zone 4 #405: 2017-2018: Mice, Metal & Milestones


(aka Countdown to Doomsfinity!) The crew returns with a brand new episode of Zone 4, the first of 2018! In this episode, they take a look back at highlights in the world of comics in 2017. Then they look forward and talk about some upcoming highlights in comics for 2018! Some of the topics discussed: …

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Dec 15 2017

Zone 4 #404: New Avengers?

This episode we discuss the Disney/Fox buyout, the state of the comics industry and more before getting into our main topic. Topic Time: What Happens to the Marvel Cinematic Universe When All the Original Actors’ Contracts Are Up? All this and more in this brand new episode of… ZONE 4! www.zone4podcast.com

Dec 08 2017

Airship 27 Podcast #34: The Shrike

Sax Cover

Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis bring you aboard the Airship 27 for another pulp-tastic episode! The duo talk about their latest releases and much more! Featured: Secret Agent X #1 “The Man of a Thousand Faces” http://www.indyplanet.us/product/157620/ Mystery Men (& Women) Vol. 5, Introducing The Shrike! Doc Atlas So jump on board …

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Dec 08 2017

RAW Unedited Version of Zone 4 #404 on Patreon!


Today, the latest episode of Zone 4, episode #404 went live on Patreon for Patrons-only! This is the unedited, raw version of the show, complete with bloopers and outtakes, and can be accessed for just a dollar a month! Join the Bacon Brigade today to get a Bacon Brigade Badge and listen to the latest …

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