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Zone 4 #286: The More You Know

The crew returns kickng things off with some zany discussion followed by the first of two teases for our 250th episode! Then, it’s some headlines, and discussion on the latest episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Arrow, followed by yet another single, solitary Facebook Shout-Out. After that, for Topic Time, the guys discuss two brand …

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Zone 4 #285: The Walking Dead Season 4 Mid-Season Finale

Brant is once again joined by “The Mayor” Don Johnston, and Brandon “Brando” Barrows to talk The Walking Dead! Season 4 has just ended for the mid-season break with the prison finale and the return of the Governor. The guys discuss the season so far, what they liked and didn’t like, and speculation for the …

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Hall of Toys #12: NYCC, Assassin’s Creed IV & The Walking Dead

Welcome back to the Hall of Toys! Brant and Chris are back with tons of discussion on toys, video games, card games and board games. First up, it’s Toy Talk, as the guys talk about some stuff Chris saw at New York Comic Con, including Power Rangers, The Walking Dead, Iron Man and much more! …

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