The Missing Episode

As you’ll hear at the end of this week’s episode (#184) and read in the show notes for that episode, it was not the episode we had planned to post this week.

We had recorded a very fun episode with Zone 4 first-timers Brandon Barrows and “The Mayor” Don Johnston, but the audio was corrupted – or rahter MY audio was corrupted. Everyone else was fine.

I really hated discovering this today, and it made it worse that I was so late in editing it that I couldn’t reschedule a do-over or anything in time to get it posted today. It’s been one of those weeks. I know Brandon and Don were disappointed, but we will have them on again in the near future.

As for what becomes of this now lost episode, I hope to salvage what I can from it and post it as extras throughout the week here soon. Hopefully next week, but don’t hold me to that. Things are kind of chaotic right now. But there was some good conversation in there, and if I can save any of it I will. It deserves to be heard.

So I apologize to everyone, it was beyond my control or ability to fix sadly. This has happened very few times in our three and a half years of doing this, but it has happened. We’ve redone entire episodes the same night we recorded the original in the early days. Things happen, and I appreciate everyone understanding.

It’s been one of those weeks, and today was one of those days. Or, as Don did, I’m also blaming Dr. Mindbender for this one. That pesky Brainwave Scanner of his must have interfered with our broadcast! Go back to Springfield ya kook! (and no, Bill & Frank, I don’t mean your hometown.) 🙂


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