We Don’t “Hate” DC…

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I wanted to take a minute to talk about the recent discussions on the show as I personally have been getting some feedback from several sources on our supposed hatred for a certain major comic company.

I know we’ve had more than our fair share of criticism about them, but we don’t all hate all of DC Comics. We’re just frustrated with their editorial practices. And honestly, when things like we’ve seen and talked about are done, it needs to be talked about or there will never be change. Things like that need to be brought to light. And we’re far from the only ones talking about them. Heck, one site is making a name for itself based on DC’s follies. But that’s not our goal. We just strive to talk about important stuff as much as we do entertaining or goofy stuff.

That said, we are going to try to pace ourselves with the criticism and talk about some stuff we enjoy. And that does run the gamut of Marvel, DC, Indies, small press, other big companies, film, TV, etc.

Hopefully you all are enjoying every aspect of the show. And if you disagree with anything we say, we’d LOVE to hear from you. Here, via email, via an audio clip, or we may even have you on the show!

The important thing is, we are all passionate about the medium, the co-hosts and all of you listeners as well. And it shows. Sometimes in ranting diatribes, sometimes in deep discussion, and sometimes in giggles and hilarity. But ultimately, we just love comics, and comic related media.

So if we get down on your favorite company, just know at some point we’ll turn our attention to something else. They just have to stop giving us so much goofiness to talk about!


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