Zone 4 #150th Celebration!

This coming Friday, January 27th we will be celebrating our 150th episode of Zone 4 LIVE! And we’d like for you to join us in the celebration!

For 149 weeks straight, Zone 4 has brought you stimulating (or at least entertaining) conversation from the world of comics, television, film and pop culture. We’ve had discussions with the likes of Mike Baron and Dirk Manning, in-depth talks on the latest big crossover events, and musings on everything from Vegemite to Hamburger University!

Since April 3, 2009, Zone 4 has delivered nonstop each and every Friday (plus extras and the new show, Transmissions). Over 170 shows in total, Zone 4 continues in that grand tradition set forth nearly three years ago!

So please help us celebrate this monumental occasion by joining us LIVE via Talkshoe and listening in as we have several guests drop by to discuss and reminisce.

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Click the button above for all the details. You can join a chat room on Talkshoe the night of the cast if you like as well.

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We look forward to spending the evening with you. And as always, thanks for listening.


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