Zone 4 #136: Mike Baron!

Brant, Gordon and Ron return and start out talking about their weeks, including updates on projects they worked on, news on the Zone 4 comic and Gordon’s avatar and so forth. We also learn just why Jennifer “J-Lo” Lopez and Mark Anthony are splitting up, and it has something to do with our own bringer-back of the sexy, Mr. Dymowski.

Then, they are joined by a very special guest in the one, the only, creator of The Badger, Mike Baron! Mike talks to the guys about his career in comics, his life now, and the return of First Comics and, more importantly, the return of The Badger!

As the guys say goodbye to Mike, they talk about recent TV shows they’ve watched, movies in the theaters, and what’s on the horizon.

(Original Numbering: Episode #123)


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