Zone 4 #147: Comics as Social Magnets

Brant, Ron and Gordon carry on without a fourth as John Wilson couldn’t join them due to computer problems. But the three talk about a variety of topics, from Gordon’s Red Cross efforts, to the effects of comics as social magnets, to movies, events, plugs, bacon and much, much more.

Plus, we give updates on the “Name Brant’s Sword” contest, we give an update on the webcomic, and some very creative shout-outs to our faithful Zone 4 Legionnaires!

(Original Numbering: Episode #132)



Twilight Star Studios celebrates their second anniversary with a mini-convention at Main Street Comics and Games featuring trivia, signings, music and much, much more!

Main Street Comics and Games

October 15, 2011, Springfield, OH

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Gordon and Mission Red


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