Zone 4 #210: Where’s Brant? and Event Recaps!

With Brant nowhere to be found, Gordon, Captain Ron and John carry on and talk about, respectively, Chicago Geek Breakfast, PulpFest 2012, and IndyFurCon 2012 among other things.

Plus, several headlines are discussed.

And of course, more Facebook shout-outs, plugs and all the usual stuff.

(Original Numbering: Episode #180)

Also, don’t forget the Zone 4 Contest to create our game!

Sponsoring This Episode of Zone 4…

September 28-30, 2012 in Cincinnati, OH

PulpFest 2012

Ron’s PulpFest Report on CR


Chicago Geek Breakfast

Captain Action: Riddle of the Glowing Men

Memphit Fur Meet

Cincinatti Comic Expo

Bar Tab of Rassilon

CR Podcasting Network

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