Zone 4 #211: Headlines

The crew is back with a special Headlines Edition talking about several recent headlines in the world of comics and related media. But first, Ron starts off an account of the life and celebrity of recently deceased astronaut Neil Armstrong

From there, we dive into headlines, including Rob Liefeld quitting DC and his Twitter war with Scott Snyder, Bluewater leaving Diamond, Arrow news and much more!

Also, Facebook shout-outs, plugs, and don’t forget the Zone 4 Contest to create our game – only two weeks until the deadline, so get to creating!

(Original Numbering: Episode #181)

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September 22-23, 2012 in Cincinnati, OH

Headlines Covered

Neil Armstrong Passes Away

Rob Liefeld Quits DC

Bluewater Leaves Diamond

Huntress on Arrow

No Powers on Arrow

New Arrow Trailer

Superman and Wonder Woman Romance

B.P.R.D. Renumbers at #100

Sharon Carter Casting

Ben Affleck Denies JLA Rumors

Memphit Fur Meet


One Cause at a Time – Chicago Now

Excelsior Webomics

Gordon’s Wonderman: The Webcomic

Black Bat Mystery Vol. 2

Man of the Hour

Why I Love Comics #100

Goes live on CR Saturday, September 1st, but can be found here now!

Glow in the Dark Radio #217

Episode #217 on Comic Related

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