Zone 4 #243: EXTRA! EXTRA!

The crew returns with a headline heavy episode of the show. Lots of news to talk about, from deaths, to reboots, to teasers, to film, to television and more! So dig in for this news edition of the podcast.

Plus, we touch briefly on the latest episode of Arrow, talk some John Carter, comment on the Oscars and more!

We also give a reminder about the Zonies (Voting is now open! Head to our Facebook page!), tease upcoming episodes, and of course more Facebook shout-outs and plugs!

(Original Numbering: Episode #207)


Dan Con 2013 Spring

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This Week’s Links and Topics

No More WTF
More Robyn Hood
IDW To Do Cartoon Network Comics
Marvel’s Next Big Thing? Teaser 1
Marvel’s Next Big Thing? Teaser 2
Robin to Die
Norman Osborn Cast in Amazing Spider-Man 2
Set Photos Showing Mary Jane and Spidey’s New Costume
Deadpool Game Gets Mature Rating
Walking Dead Renewed, New Showrunner Announced
New Iron Man 3 Poster (Iron Man)
New Iron Man 3 Poster (Mandarin)
LEGO Batman Film Date Released
Monkeybrain to IDW
BOOM! Studios’ New Logo
Wonder Woman Fan Made Trailer

Announcing: The “Hire Me, Pal!” Initiative

Mr. Jigsaw

EEK! Little Monsters

The Philospher Monkey (John’s Blog)

Dead Space 3 Giveaway

The Zonies Voting is Open!


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