Zone 4 #246: June 2013 Solicitations

The crew returns to take a look at June solicitations for Dark Horse, IDW, Image, Archie and Valiant, giving their picks for each of the companies.

They also discuss various headlines, including the latest crop of DC creative issues, and the Ant-Man test footage.

Plus more Facebook shout-outs, plugs and general hilarity!

(Original Numbering: Episode #210)


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This Week’s Links and Topics

Cobra Kickstarter Parody

Zircher Leaves Valiant for DC

Teen Titans GO! Promo

Andy Diggle Leaves Action Comics

Joshua Hale Fialkov Leaves Lantern Books

Fialkov Leaves for John Stewart

Neil Gaiman Returns to Marvel, Brings Spawn Character With

Dark Horse June Solicits

IDW June Solicits

Image June Solicits

Valiant June Solicits

Archie June Solicits

Airship 27 Productions

Hire Me, Pal

Gem City Comic Con

Derby City Comic Con

EEK! Little Monsters

The Philospher Monkey (John’s Blog)

Assailant Comics


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