Zone 4 #249: Bring Back Young Justice!

The crew returns with an All-DC Comics episode as everything they discuss relates to DC. From the headlines (and there were a few big ones), to the sponsor, to the main topic, which is all about Young Justice! The guys talk about what they loved about the show, the missed opportunities in canceling it and much more.

Plus, we have brand new shout-outs! And of course our regular plugs section!

(Original Numbering: Episode #213)

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This Week’s Links and Topics

DC Solicits for July 2013

Trinity War Begins

Superboy… the Son of Lois and Clark?

Carrie Kelley in the DCnU

Batman, Incorporated Canceled

First Look at The Movement

Batman: Arkham Origins

New Batwing: Luke Fox

When DC Canceled Young Justice it Destroyed a Universe


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