Zone 4 #266: Non-Big Two Spotlight!

The crew returns to shine the light on some books and online comics they are enjoying that are not from the “big two,” Marvel and DC. Everything from Dark Horse, to Thrillbent, to Action Lab, to Bottled Lightning and more!

But before all that, there are some headlines. Some of them are pretty heavy, like the Kevin Maguire and Kirby Heirs situations. And some are light, like an actor interested in taking over Iron Man, and Groot being cast. And the crew has some words for Dan DiDio… again!

And there are new shout-outs again this week! Plus some plugs.

So hunker down with some bacon bits, put aside your mainstream books, and get ready for some indie goodness. It’s time to enter the Zone!

(Original Numbering: Episode #230)

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This Week’s Links and Topics


Kevin Maguire Fired

Court Denies Kirby Heirs

Vertigo Title COLLIDER Forced to Change Name

Wizard’s New Target?

More on Wizard Story

Mark Wahlberg as Iron Man?

Details on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Vin Diesel says “I AM GROOT!”

Indie Comics Spotlight:

Atomic Robo – Red 5 Comics

The Black Beetle – Dark Horse

Jupiter’s Legacy – Image

The Longhunters – Pilot Studios

Yi Soon Shin – Onrie Kompan

Insufferable – Thrillbent

Lackluster World – Eric Adams

Proof – Image

Perhapanauts – Image

Binary Gray – Assailant Comics

The Only Living Boy – Bottled Lightning

Capes & Babes – Chris Flick

Day Men – BOOM! Studios

Skyward – Action Lab Entertainment

Coming Up, Coming Out, or Going On:

Le Vamps

Sept. 10th – Doctor Who Guide to Social Media

WoodchuckPalooza (Mile High Comics)

Price for the Asking

Superman Analogues: Samaritan

Arcana Steampunk Anthology

Skystorm Studios

Black of Heart 2 @ Assailant Comics

Watching the Eclipse

TV Party – Missing Doctor Who Episodes

A Valiant Event in Rapid Fire Reviews

CR Podcasting Network

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