Zone 4 #268: Holy Affleck, Batman!

(WARNING: Some Explicit Language in first part of the show
(the “bleep” machine was broken, sorry, folks)).

The crew returns with some headlines that spin off into a mini topic before they even get the show started. It’s a bunch of film casting news, starting with Ben Affleck, going to Bryan Cranston, then Elizabeth Olsen and James Spader. Plus, the crew’s thoughts on the New 52 Lobo, Bluewater’s new intiative and more.

Then, it’s time for another issue of Mark Waid’s Green Hornet. Five issues in, is the crew still digging it, or has it fallen off the rails?

And there are new shout-outs again this week! Plus some plugs.

So grab a slab of bacon, fold out your theater chair, and get a life and stop threatening Affleck’s (or any actor’s for that matter). It’s time to enter the Zone!

(Original Numbering: Episode #232)

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This Week’s Links and Topics


Ben Affleck is Batman

Bryan Cranston Rumored to Play Lex Luthor

Lobo’s New (52) Look

Lobo Writer Weighs in on “Skinny Lobo” Art

Elizabeth Olsen in Talks to Play Scarlet Witch

Could Jarvis be Ultron?

James Spader Cast as Ultron

Bradley Cooper in Talks to Voice Rocket Raccoon

William Shatner Wants to be in Next Star Wars Film

BlueWater Gives Back

Coming Up, Coming Out, or Going On:

Can’t Stop the Serenity

Chicago Tardis

WoodchuckPalooza (Mile High Comics)

Rocky Mountain Con

The Bagman vs. The World’s Fair

Skystorm Studios

Self Publisher Magazine

Black of Heart 2 @ Assailant Comics

DarkAvengerC86 on YouTube

The Related Recap

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