Zone 4 #273: Best Raft Ever!

The crew returns with many things to talk about this week. First up, it’s a short discussion on the second episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a little talk on Sleepy Hollow, and some other little tidbits.

Then it’s into headlines, with talk of Comic Related’s anniversary, Fantastic Four rewrites, BOOM! Studios and 20th Century Fox, castings, Samuel L. Jackson being a blabbermouth, Aquaman and Wonder Woman fan-made videos, and much more.

And finally, it’s time for another issue of Mark Waid’s Green Hornet… are we back on board, or are we ready to jump in front of the gas gun?

Plus, Facebook shout-outs, plugs, outtakes and more!

(Original Numbering: Episode #237)

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This Week’s Links and Topics

CR Turns 9!

Ultimate Spider-Man Halloween Special (featuring Howling Commandos) This Saturday Night

Captain Midnight & Predators

Atwell Interested in Agent Carter Series

20th Century Fox Signs First Look Deal with BOOM! Studios

Samuel L. Jackson Confirms Elizabeth Olsen for Avengers 2

Fantastic Four Film Gets a Rewrite

Aquaman: The Teen Drama
Aquaman: The Teen Drama – Posters

Wonder Woman Short

Blood & Roses

Les Vamps

Jim Anthony, Super Detective Vol. 4

Weird Horror Tales: The Feasting

STAKES Review by Ron Fortier

Affliction #2 on ComiXology

New Comic Day

Watching the Eclipse

CR Podcasting Network

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