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New Listener Drive (over)


There would be no Zone 4 without our faithful listeners, and we appreciate you all. But we’re always looking to reach more people, and so leading up to our big 200th episode we are doing a new listener drive!

If you’ve never listened to the show, or you know people that have yet to give us a shot, this is for you! Listen to the show and get a free digital comic!

Here’s how it works:

Through episodes #191-199 we will be mentioning keywords at random points in each episode. One keyword per episode.

These keywords make up three phrases consisting of three words each. So for instance, episode #191’s keyword might be “WE”, then 192’s “WANT” and #193’s “BACON,” forming the phrase “WE WANT BACON.”

New listeners will need to listen to three consecutive episodes (191-193, 194-196, or 197-199) and email us (see the contact link above) the corresponding phrase to be eligible for the prize. You do NOT have to send us all three phrases, just one will do.

But that’s not all. You also need to head over to our Facebook page (icon link above) and hit the “LIKE” button.

This is for new listeners only, please. We have no real way to police that unless you already like us on Facebook (we do keep track of that), so we’re working somewhat on the honor system here.

Starting with next week’s show, #191 on Friday, November 9th we’ll present the first keyword of the first phrase. We post new episodes every single Friday.

The drive will end on Thursday, January 10th at 11:59pm EST. If we have not received your phrase and your Facebook “like” by then you will not be awarded the prize.

As for the prize, our own Gordon Dymowski is compiling an anthology unlike any other consisting of various public domain stories, and we’ll be bundling that with a Zone 4 dress to provide you with some very cool stories to read in your spare time. We’ll make it available in a couple of formats for you.

So get to listening!

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