Anime Weekly: Episode 7 “Anime and Gods”

In this episode we get a bit nostalgic for the first couple of minutes of the cast, we talk about the new Pokemon Games coming this winter (since still no XYZ). Then we find out Jeremy does a lot of research into what each anime god/character/Pokemon represents, so sit back and enjoy Professor Jeremy for this one boys and girls.

The anime’s we talk about in this episode are:
One Piece #731 (17:30)
Naruto Shippuuden #450 (20:45)
Garo S2 #20 (26:00)
Dragon Ball Super #33 (29:40)
Fairy Tail #98 (40:00)
Divine Gate #8 (45:38)
Dimension W #8 (50:05)
Luck and Logic #8 (53:45)
Assassination Classroom S2 #8 (58:07)
One Punch Man Special #3 (1:03:44)

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