Bring in the New Year with Zone 4 #250!

This coming Friday, January 3rd, Zone 4 reaches it’s 250th episode!

Over four and a half years in the making, it all comes down to this! Major announcements about the future of the show as we kick off the New Year with a celebration!

Zone 4 is one of the three longest running podcasts on Comic Related, and the second longest, after the Recap, that never left the site or took a break. Every single week (well, minus one due to a power outage, though the episode was done!) we have delivered our loyal Legionnaires an episode of comic goodness since April 3, 2009! And now, we look toward the future and continue to expand and evolve the show you all support and look forward to each week.

Whether you listen via this website, Comic Related, Dark Avenger INC, iTunes, Stitcher or what have you, we greatly appreciate your support through the years. We wouldn’t still be doing this without all of you pushing us to continue on, and we can’t thank you enough.

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As for these “Major Announcements,” I assure you, there is no hyperbole there. We are making changes and taking things in new directions. There will be announcements about other shows and content, format, cast, themes and much more! And the Zone 4 Players do yet another audio skit to kick things off.

We will have at least one special guest on the show, and potentially some audio clips from others.

This is our first episode of the year, and while we’re not doing it live, it will go up on every possible avenue we can work out AT THE SAME TIME. That means this website, CR, YouTube (both the Zone 4 channel and Dark Avenger INC), Stitcher, iTunes, RSS, etc. I’m even talking to a couple of new places to further expand our audience as we want to share this one with everyone possible!

This is unlike any other anniversary show we’ve done. We are not looking back on the past of Zone 4 this time. Instead, we are looking forward! It’s time to move up, on, and beyond, and we’re very excited to initiate all the changes to come!

So, if you’re a longtime listener, a new listener, or someone coming back to the show for this special occasion, please give it a listen. There are announcements for fans of everything we’ve ever talked about, and everything we’ve ever done. We are shaking things up in 2014!

Zone 4 #250 airs on Friday, January 3, 2014. I don’t have a set time just yet, but it will be late afternoon/early evening (so between 4-8pm Est).

Join us on this next leg of our journey. There will be fun, there will be comics, and knowing us, there will probably be bacon!

Don’t miss it!


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