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The official blog of the Zone 4 podcast.

New Zone 4 Posting Schedule!

With the new year comes a new regular posting schedule for Zone 4, the main podcast of the Zone 4 family of podcasts!

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RAW Unedited Version of Zone 4 #404 on Patreon!

Today, the latest episode of Zone 4, episode #404 went live on Patreon for Patrons-only! This is the unedited, raw version of the show, complete with bloopers and outtakes, and can be accessed for just a dollar a month! Join the Bacon Brigade today to get a Bacon Brigade Badge and listen to the latest …

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Zone 4 #401 Early Access!

Hey all, if you’d like to hear this month’s episode of Zone 4 five days early, check it out exclusively on Patreon! By joining the Bacon Brigade (for $1.00 a month) you can gain early access to this and all episodes of the main Zone 4 podcast, agendas, show notes, and a super sweet …

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Zone 4 State of Address – UPDATED

Important announcement about the future of Zone 4. It is NOT ending, no worries. These are good things! Read below if videos aren’t your thing! In case any of you haven’t watched the video, here’s the bullet points: We are closing this very website, at least for the time being! will start taking you …

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