Facebook Shout-Outs

I just wanted to take a second and further explain our reasoning behind the new Facebook Shout-Out “rule” as it were. Before I do, though, let me state that we have received no complaints, no hateful messages or email. This is just me wanting to give more information than I probably need to, but it is who I is. 🙂

If you’re not aware, the past 2-3 weeks we’ve made the proclamation that if we go FOUR CONSECUTIVE WEEKS without a new “Like” on our Facebook page, we’ll stop doing Shout-Outs until we get a new “Like.” This was not instated to punish our current listeners, or out of meanness, or even out of begging for “Likes.” Yes, we DO want more likes – we want to share our conversations with more and more people. But in sincere honesty, that is NOT why we decided to do this.

Bottom line is we have gone through our entire list of Facebook fans, and have done repeat Shout-Outs for a LOT of you. Some have even gotten 3-4 Shout-Outs on the show! We are very generous that way. Yes, sometimes we embellish and we have fun with them, but that’s just letting you know you are a part of the family. What we seriously LOVE is being able to Shout-Out NEW people, though, because it excites us that we have a new listener, and it allows YOU ALL to hear about these new Legionairres. So it’s just FUN.

Will we stick to this ruling? Yes, we will (as long as I remember to). But so far, we haven’t had to! And even as I type this, we have THREE NEW LIKES today, so apparently our “warnings” are working! lol

At any rate, the Facebook Shout-Outs are something we do to give back to all of you that support the show by “Liking” the Facebook page and listening to the show every week. We really do appreciate it, and it’s the least we can do. We just want to spread the fun around, that’s all. 🙂

Speaking of supporting the show, as an aside, if you’d like to help us out, please consider giving us a review on iTunes or listening to us through Stitcher. Both will help the show get more notice and (hopefully) increase our audience! We’re also never adverse to accepting donations. lol But in all seriousness, just spreading the word about the show and enjoying it yourselves is plenty for us.

In closing, when you do tell your friends, or write your reviews, make sure you let everyone know to “Like” our Facebook page so we can Shout them Out on the show! And tell everyone to visit this website, Comic Related and Dark Avenger INC!



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