Hall of Toys #17: Transformers, SDCC & E3, Oh My!

Welcome back to the Hall of Toys!

Brant and Chris return to talk Transformers, E3, SDCC, tabletop, and more!

First up, it’s Toy Talk, with Chris’ latest Transformers purchases, plus Sharknado, and some SDCC exclusives from Toys R Us and Mattel.

Then it’s Game Gab, as we FINALLY talk about all the cool games coming out of E3 2014.

Next, it’s Table Top Talk as we discuss the latest games on Kickstarter and more.

And finally, we close out the show, or at least try to. There will be an outtakes show coming!

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Links to Some of the Stuff Discussed on the Show

Toy Talk

Transformers Toys

Funko Sharknado

Toys R Us SDCC 2014 Exclusives

Mattel SDCC 2014 Exclusives

Game Gab

Games of E3

Table Top Talk

Munchkin Comic

DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Forever Evil

Kickstarter: Dungeon Lords Anniversary Edition

Kickstarter: Mouse Guard: Swords & Strongholds

Kickstarter: Braiiiins

Kickstarter: 27th Passenger: A Hunt on Rails

Kickstarter: Official ElfQuest Adventure

Kickstarter: The Reunion: A Storytelling Card Game

And… Action Figure!

Brant’s Pick –

Guardians of the Galaxy 1/6 Scale Movie Masterpiece Figure – Groot & Rocket Raccoon Set

Chris’ Pick –

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Generations Leader Class Optimus Prime Figure

Honorable Mention –

The Joker & Harley Quinn Statue

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